The darkness would be her salvation. The light would be his salvation. Together, they would save them all.

The Rain Trilogy is an addicting and passionate epic fantasy adventure. It follows the story of Raenah, a young woman who finds herself facing the impossible decision to abandon a life of light and goodness, for a kingdom that is plagued by evil. This decision will both break and save her, but more importantly, will unchain an entire land from its shackles to the darkness. Readers will be swept away by the unpredictable nature of this trilogy, as well as the intensity of the love story within it.


My world.

Ophir is divided into two lands: one is overflowing with life, and the other is dark and dying. A person must be either good and gentle, or thirst for death and vengeance. 

My truth. 

I never belonged, and I never knew why. I always wanted so much more than what was within my grasp. Then one night, a mysterious stranger entered my life. He had the keys to my past and future, but he refused to offer them without a price.

He flowed in and out of my life like a phantom, one minute standing before me, the next minute gone. Darkness surrounded him, but as time passed, I found I had no choice but to place my trust in him. 

My hope for a future worth living was dwindling, and the fading light within forced me to face the very thing I feared the most...